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Isringhausen DRIVE Grant to Boost Downtown Businesses

Sangamon County entrepreneurs have reason to celebrate as the Isringhausen DRIVE Grant launches its second round of applications aimed at supporting and nurturing new businesses in the downtown area. With a focus on fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic growth, Isringhausen is committed to empowering the community.

The Isringhausen DRIVE Grant provides significant financial support to aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to establish new businesses in the vibrant downtown district. This cash grant assists with remodeling, inventory, equipment, advertising, and other startup-related expenses, enabling new business owners to thrive and contribute to the economic vitality of downtown Springfield. In addition to the financial aid, applicants will receive invaluable mentorship and guidance from professionals throughout the application process, helping them refine their business plans and bolster their chances of long-term success.

"Isringhausen Imports began 40 years ago with a handful of cars and a dream," highlights Geoff Isringhausen. "We've grown a lot since then and are thrilled to help a new generation of entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams with the Isringhausen DRIVE Grant for small downtown Springfield businesses."

To qualify for the Isringhausen DRIVE Grant, businesses must be new startups planning to open downtown or existing businesses relocating or expanding to the downtown area. Eligible applicants should demonstrate a clear business plan, innovative ideas, and a commitment to fostering positive community impact. The grant committee will evaluate applications based on these criteria and other factors ensuring fairness and transparency.

The Isringhausen DRIVE Grant further underscores the company's dedication to the Springfield community and its ongoing efforts to contribute to downtown's economic growth and prosperity. By investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs and businesses, Isringhausen aims to fuel the local economy and ensure the continued thriving of the downtown district.

Entrepreneurs and business owners interested in the Isringhausen DRIVE Grant can apply now until August 18. To learn more about the grant, eligibility criteria, and the application process, visit the official website.


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