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Mary Miller's Driver Admits to Sex Crimes Against Child

Mary Miller has made family values and policies related to children a major theme of her work in Congress. But on her campaign, Miller's campaign driver was previously convicted for luring a child for sex.

Bradley Graven of Sullivan, who regularly drives the Congresswoman and her family to and from events, was arrested in 2003 for indecent solicitation of a child. After making plans online to meet what he thought was a 12-year-old boy in a parking lot for sexual activities, Graven was surprised by an undercover police officer when he arrived. Graven pleaded guilty and was convicted and sentenced to 40 days in prison and two years of probation.

To make matters worse for Miller, campaign finance reports show that her husband donated $5,000 to Tom McCullagh - a former candidate that was forced to drop out last month after child grooming allegations and a police investigation.

Miller has ignored questions from the media regarding her campaign driver's previous conviction for soliciting sex from a child on the internet.


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