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Multi-Year Transportation Program to Improve Infrastructure

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) announced a groundbreaking Multi-Year Highway Improvement Plan, which will allocate a substantial investment to address critical transportation needs across the state.

"Anyone who has driven through our state in the last decade knows the dire condition our roads and infrastructure were in," said State Senator Steve McClure. "IDOT's infrastructure improvement projects in our district are already benefiting my constituents and making a real difference. I look forward to monitoring upcoming projects as they start moving forward."

With a budget of over $40 billion, the six-year program will encompass a wide range of initiatives, including road and bridge enhancements, aviation projects, transit improvements, freight and passenger rail upgrades, waterway developments, and bicycle and pedestrian accommodations. This is the first multi-year program of its kind in more than a decade.

“The new multi-year program is the first of its kind in more than a decade,” said Senator Doris Turner, “In addition to our bipartisan Rebuild Illinois program, this program will make major infrastructure improvements that will benefit the daily lives of constituents.”

Under the proposed plan, IDOT will invest $27.03 billion in roads and bridges, with an additional $4.6 billion allocated for the current fiscal year. The remaining funds will be channeled into transit systems, freight and passenger rail networks, aviation projects, ports, and waterways. Across the state, numerous projects are scheduled, with a total investment of $315.8 million allocated to Sangamon County.

Notable projects in the area include expanding and reconstructing seven miles of I-55 with ramp repairs and other improvements, additional lanes and reconstruction along Illinois 97/125, reconstruction of MacArthur Boulevard, resurfacing and bridge repairs along I-55, and the reconstruction and expansion of I-55 Business routes and Sixth Street.

Representative Mike Coffey said, “IDOT’s Multi-Year Highway Improvement Plan is a sensational boost for the 95th District. These are great paying union jobs that will circulate money into our economy and make our roads and bridges safer for our citizens.”


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