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Sculpture Honors Abraham Lincoln's Legacy

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum unveiled a striking new sculpture, the "Beacon of Endurance," dedicated to honoring the enduring impact of the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. Standing tall at nearly 25 feet, the obelisk symbolizes Lincoln's inspirational words and unwavering values that continue to resonate throughout America's history.

The monument's bottom section features profound quotations from Lincoln, including his famous appeal to the "better angels of our nature" and his condemnation of the secession movement as "the essence of anarchy." Above, in stainless steel, words like "emancipation," "civil rights," and "progress" describe Lincoln's character and principles. At night, additional words like "dream," "hope," and "protest" are projected onto the museum, providing a unique display of societal ideals and issues.

The sculpture, designed by BJ Krivanek and Joel Breaux of Krivanek+Breaux/Art+Design, serves as a literal beacon, guiding visitors to reflect on Lincoln's vision of a better America. Christina Shutt, executive director of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, hopes the artwork will inspire reflection and discussion about the president's legacy for years to come.

Funded through the Illinois Capital Development Board’s Art-in-Architecture program, the $223,000 project showcases the state's commitment to supporting public art.


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