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Sheriff, Farm Bureau Remind Motorist to use Caution

The Sangamon County Sheriff's Office and the Sangamon County Farm Bureau are reminding motorists that it is planting time again. Both organizations are urging residents to caution, exercise patience, and be courteous when it comes to sharing the road with farm equipment.

As the weather improves, farmers and their suppliers need to transport tractors, planters and other farm equipment on roads. Exercise caution when traveling country roads this time of year. Here are some tips from Illinois Farm Bureau:

  • As you approach farm equipment on the road, use extreme caution and be prepared to stop quickly.

  • Some farm equipment will take up more than one lane. When drivers pull off to the side, do not assume they are pulling off to let you pass. They may be preparing to turn. Watch for the farm equipment driver to acknowledge your presence and signal their turn.

  • Pass only in a legal passing zone.

  • Rural intersections can be dangerous. Always approach with caution.

  • Watch for equipment over hills, put phones down and share the roads with courtesy.


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