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UIS Professor Spearheads AGI Innovations

Dr. Peter Boltuc, a professor of Mathematical Sciences and Philosophy at the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS), is making waves as part of a pioneering team working on the next generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As an integral member of, one of the world's leading Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) startups, Boltuc is at the forefront of revolutionizing AI capabilities. AGI is designed to mimic human-like intelligence, learning, and adaptability across a diverse range of tasks and domains.

One of Boltuc's primary focuses is on leveraging AGI to drive digital transformation for businesses and organizations. By harnessing AGI's exceptional cognitive abilities, he aims to enhance the value of business offerings to consumers significantly.

"While many people get swept up in the hype of each new AI trend, like IBM Watson or the Metaverse, my attention lies in truly revolutionary technologies like AGI that can drive socio-economic change," Boltuc explained.

Boltuc, who teaches a Philosophy of AI class at UIS, has closely collaborated with renowned cognitive scientist Ben Goertzel. Together, they worked on saving the International Journal of Machine Consciousness and organized the influential Conference on Machine Consciousness in Shanghai in 2016.


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