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Coffey and Turner Launch Summer Reading Club

A good book can take you to magical places, teach you new things or spark your imagination. Whether you read to learn or for enjoyment, Representative Mike Coffey and Senator Doris Turner are inviting area youth to join their Summer Reading Clubs. 

Rep. Coffey’s and Sen. Turner's Summer Reading Clubs challenge elementary students in K-6th grade to read 8 books during their summer break. Books of 150 pages or more count as two books and can be listed twice.

Students who successfully finish Rep. Coffey's reading program and return the form by the August 1st deadline will be invited to a special mid-August pizza party. At the party, students will receive an official certificate from the Illinois House of Representatives recognizing their commitment to reading.

Students who successfully finish Sen. Turner's reading program and return the form by the August 16th deadline will receive an ice cream sundae and a certificate from Senator Turner.

Additional information and forms are available at or


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