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County Board Limits Late-Night Liquor

The Sangamon County Board voted this week, 21 to 5, to remove 3:00 AM liquor permits for bars in unincorporated Sangamon County. Four bars previously had these permits, but starting July 1, they'll have to close at 1:00 AM like the other 18 bars in the area.

Sangamon County Sheriff Jack Campbell said he supports the move, stating it will help keep deputies safer. The four bars with 3:00 AM permits were responsible for nearly 70% of the tavern incidents requiring deputy attention, with most happening between 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM.

Liquor sales in neighboring Logan County end at 11:00 PM, and in Morgan County, they stop at 2:00 AM.

Officials say the decision aims to reduce late-night incidents and ease the strain on law enforcement resources and is part of a broader effort to promote public safety in Sangamon County and neighboring areas.


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