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Downtown Building Lost in Fire

A devastating fire tore through a building in Downtown Springfield on Wednesday afternoon. The Springfield Fire Department was called to a building on E. Adams St. early in the afternoon of June 19. The building housed the Cat’s Pyjamas Cat Café, Electric Quill Tattoos, and the bookstore the Elf Shelf.

Fire Chief Ed Canny reported that the crews worked tirelessly to prevent the blaze from spreading to adjacent buildings. Despite their efforts, nearly two dozen firefighters were required to bring the fire under control, and one firefighter was injured in the process.

The fire also destroyed the PILLSBURIED art installation, a collection of three tons of art and artifacts showcasing the rich history of the former Pillsbury Mills plant. The exhibit's curator confirmed its total loss in a Facebook post.

Additionally, Cafe Moxo, located in the building next to the fire, announced on Facebook that it would remain closed until a full damage assessment could be conducted and necessary repairs made.

City officials confirmed late Wednesday that the building is heavily damaged by the fire, is scheduled for demolition on Thursday.


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