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Former ICE Director Tom Homan to Speak in Springfield

The Sangamon County Republican Party is gearing up to host their annual Lincoln Day Dinner on May 9th. The event is scheduled for 6:00 pm, featuring former U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan as the keynote speaker.

"We're honored to have Tom Homan join us as our keynote speaker for our annual dinner," said Dianne Barghouti Hardwick, Chair of the Sangamon County Republican Party. "His expertise and perspective will help our community and elected leaders better understand the current immigration issues and the broader conservative agenda to fix the border."

Tom Homan has a long career in Law Enforcement, first serving as a police officer before becoming a Border Patrol Agent. He served as an Investigator, Supervisor, and Special Agent in Charge prior to becoming an Associate ICE Director and later the Director of ICE. Homan is the CEO of Border911, a nonprofit. He and his team of border experts are touring the country and educating people on the importance of border security so that when they get to the voting booth in November, Border Security ranks high in their decision.

Homan's many awards include the Presidential Rank Award in 2015, Distinguished Service Medal in 2018, Law Enforcement Person of the Year in 2018, Man of the Year in 2019, National Security Medal in 2020, Washingtonian's Most Influential People Shaping Policy in 2023.

Hardwick emphasized the importance of the Lincoln Day Dinner, both for the party and the local community. The event is the top fundraising opportunity, enabling the party to advance conservative values and support Republican candidates." Funds raised at the Lincoln Day Dinner provide crucial resources to our candidates," said Hardwick. "I encourage everyone to join us for a fun, insightful evening supporting our party's goals."

Tickets for the Lincoln Day Dinner are available through the Sangamon County Republican Party's website,


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