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Miller Dodges Q&A about Relationship with Child Sexual Predator

Congresswoman Mary Miller was scheduled to attend a press conference in Chicago announcing the creation of the Illinois Freedom Caucus but was in a backroom during the media event. Facing questions regarding her relationship with a child sexual predator, Miller hid a backroom until the press conference was over.

“Mary Miller likes to say politicians are known by the people they hang around with. If that’s the case, she must explain why a man who served jail time for soliciting sex from a minor on the internet is working for her campaign", Aaron DeGroot, Davis campaign spokesperson said. "Miller’s continued silence on this issue and refusal to address questions from local media speaks volumes about her character and lack of judgement. Voters deserve answers. It’s time for Mary Miller to break her silence.”

State Rep. Chris Miller, the wife of Mary Miller, chairs the Illinois Freedom Caucus and held a press conference yesterday announcing the creation of the Caucus. A reporter asked Chris Miller a question about why his wife wasn’t participating in the press conference even though their media advisory said members of Congress would be participating.

Chris Miller refused to answer the question because it wasn’t on-topic, even though other press conference participants answered questions that were off-topic during the question-and-answer period. You can watch the full press conference here.

Andrew Roth, President of the State Freedom Caucus Netwok, gave a bizarre excuse as to why members of Congress weren’t able to attend, saying there were logistical issues causing members’ absence, even though Mary Miller was in a back room at the same location of the press conference.

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