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Pitcher Recovers from Line Drive Injury

Nineteen-year-old Matt Cruise, a passionate baseball player from Grundy County, has made an astonishing recovery after a terrifying incident on the field. During a game with the Springfield-based Lucky Horseshoes, Matt was struck in the head by a line drive, resulting in a skull fracture. Prompt action by the team and exceptional care at Springfield Memorial Hospital (SMH) played a pivotal role in his remarkable comeback.

Following the incident, Matt expressed his gratitude for the "amazing care" he received at SMH. From the Emergency Department to the dedicated medical staff in intensive care, he praised their exceptional treatment. The following day, Matt underwent successful brain surgery performed by renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Breck Jones from SIU Medicine.

Now back at home and in the gym, Matt is focused on rebuilding his strength and regaining the weight he lost during recovery. With the unwavering support of the Springfield community and his team, he is determined to return to the mound for Spoon River Community College in the upcoming spring season.


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