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Reminder Mailed to Permanent VBM Primary Voters

County Clerk Don Gray announced that his office is mailing out a reminder notice to approximately 9,000 voters who have requested a primary ballot through the Permanent Vote by Mail program. In addition to being reminded, that they have elected to receive their Primary ballot by mail, it also allows them to return a form if they wish to either change the party ballot requested or the mailing address to send the ballot. It will also allow the voter to be removed from Permanent Vote by Mail status, if they no longer wish to receive their ballot by mail.

“It is important that in advance of mailing ballots for the upcoming March 19th Primary Election, that our information is up to date and accurate,” said Gray. “Many voters enrolled in the Permanent Vote by Mail program in the fall of 2020, so our office felt it necessary to remind voters they opted to receive a vote by mail ballot and also allow them to update their information.”

Gray added that ballots for the upcoming Primary Election will be mailed beginning February 8th. He encourages voters that do want to change the Party ballot requested, ballot mailing address or wish to no longer receive their ballot by mail, to return the form as soon as possible and no later than January 25th. For voters that have no changes, there is nothing that they need do at this time.

Permanent Vote by Mail was mandated in Illinois in June of 2021 by Public Act 102-0015. At this time, Sangamon County has approximately 9,000 voters enrolled on the Permanent Vote by Mail list for Primary Elections and 19,000 enrolled for all Elections.

If a person is interested in enrolling in Permanent Vote by Mail, applications are available on the Clerk’s website at or can be requested by calling the Sangamon County Election Office at (217) 753-8683.


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