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SPD Honors Officer with Life Saving Award

Mayor Misty Buscher, alongside Police Chief Ken Scarlette, proudly recognized Officer Samantha Lulay of the Springfield Police Department with the esteemed Life Saving Award at the Springfield Police Academy.

On March 7, 2024, Officer Lulay responded to a residence on Villanova Drive for a disturbance. While en route Officer Lulay was advised that there were multiple subjects on the scene who had been cut by a machete, one of whom was bleeding severely.

Upon entry to the residence, Officer Lulay encountered a subject whose left arm was almost completely severed. It was clear there was immense blood loss, and immediate intervention was needed. Even though the scene was chaotic and uncertain, Officer Lulay immediately began life-saving measures by applying a tourniquet to the subject’s upper arm. During the application, the patient was clearly in pain, and Lulay continued to calmly talk them through the treatment. The tourniquet application was successful in stopping blood loss.

Officer Lulay’s swift and heroic actions during this uncertain and chaotic scene undoubtedly saved the life of this individual.


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