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SPD Officers Honored for Life-Saving Efforts

Mayor Misty Buscher, alongside Police Chief Ken Scarlette, proudly recognized Officer Joseph Felchner and Officer Jared Piatt of the Springfield Police Department with the esteemed Life Saving Award.

At approximately 2:21 am on February 19, 2024, Officer Robertson attempted to stop a vehicle exhibiting reckless driving along Washington Street. The vehicle refused to stop for officers and instead fled the area at a high rate of speed, quickly turning east onto Monroe. Officer Robertson witnessed the vehicle crash in the 500 block of E. Monroe, and upon impact, the vehicle burst into flames.

Officers Felchner and Piatt were in close proximity to the accident scene and promptly responded, discovering the front engine compartment of the vehicle fully engulfed. Acting swiftly, Officer Piatt approached the driver's side door and, without hesitation, opened it to find the sole occupant unconscious. Despite the perilous situation produced by the flames and smoke, Officer Piatt, with the assistance of Officer Felchner, managed to

remove the driver from the burning vehicle and move him to safety. Both officers showed exceptional bravery by not only confronting a vehicle fire but also approaching a vehicle that had evaded officers for unknown circumstances.

The rapid response by Officers Piatt and Felchner, along with the seamless transition to emergency medical aid, undoubtedly saved the driver's life. The Springfield Police Department extended its sincerest appreciation to Officer Felchner and Officer Piatt for their outstanding courage.

Body-worn camera footage of the incident is available on Youtube.


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