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Springfield City Council Approves 2 A.M. Liquor Permits

In response to concerns from Springfield bar owners, the Springfield City Council has revised its plan to reduce late-night liquor sales. The initial proposal aimed to change the closing time from 3 a.m. to 1 a.m., but after hearing from local business owners, the council decided to move the cut-off to 2 a.m.

The ordinance passed with an 8-2 vote and will take effect in January. Ward 2 Alderman Gregory and Ward 3 Alderman Williams voted against the measure. The goal is to improve public safety and reduce crime, as well as discourage people from other areas who may cause trouble.

During Tuesday night's meeting, some residents expressed frustration, feeling the change did not go far enough. However, Aldermen believe the compromise allows police to manage safety concerns better while still supporting businesses dependent on late-night sales.

While some bar owners appreciated the council's willingness to compromise, concerns remain about potential job cuts and the impact on downtown business. Bars affected by the new hours include  Bourbon Street Rhythm & Ribs, The Alamo, The Gin Mill, Clique, Celtic Mist, and Unique’s Bar & Grill. Many owners left the meeting with unresolved concerns about future revenue.

The council hopes that by having all bars close at the same time, it will prevent revenue competition and mitigate significant financial losses for individual businesses.


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